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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Entrecard has stepped up with huge new features

In the past couple of days, Entrecard has released significant new features.

The first, and one I've really been waiting for, is the ability to access multiple blogs I have without having to first log out, then clear cookies, and finally log in again to a different blog. This one feature saves me almost an hour a day as I go about approving advertising, and surfing through various blogs.

The second is a well-put-together guide that explains Entrecard and how you can benefit by using it as part of your "blog monetizing", social blogging network, and advertising program.

You can access that e-guide here

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fine-tuning my Entrecard Advertiser's Loyalty Program

We've been at this for the past 3 weeks or so, and I'm noticing that what I think is being paid, is different from what actually gets paid... and I have no accurate way to forecast.

So, I'm making changes shich could put more EC back into your pocket, but and keep me from paying out more than I make. I'm sure you'll agree that is a fair compromise.

Starting immediately (with ads purchased to run beginning May 1), I'll still be recording your ad on my spread sheet. But, here's what will be different.

1. Each month, I'll add up all the EC I've recieved in each blog. I'll hold random number drawings for each blog for that month and award 50% of what I've received to one advertiser per blog.

2. I'll take 25% of what I've received and put it into a pool that I'll use for a larger prize across all the advertisers. When that pool reaches 500 EC I'll hold a random number drawing across all the advertisers and award the entire pool to one lucky advertiser.

3. You still get a link on my blogrolls (all of them) once you've advertised 10 times with me. You can advertise all on one blog, or split your advertising across any of my blogs.

4. Advertise 10 times on a single blog, and I'll post your EC widget as an image with a direct link to your blog. Your widget will remain on my blog for a full month. For each 10 repeated ads, I'll post your EC widget for another month.

This means you'll have a 1 in 30 or 31 chance to win a fair amount of EC from each blog each month. As each drawing is independent, you could win up to five times in a single month.

Bottom line... the more you advertise, the more opportunity you have to win. The more times you advertise on a single blog, the more I'll work to promote you.

I'll make it easy for you... here are the EC links to purchase ads on each of the blogs.

Let's do Business with Real Online Businesses
Success Notes
Ask Me Why... Work From Home
Ask Shari About PGA Tour Fantasy Golf
Shari's Gone Country

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Announcing my Entrecard Loyal Advertiser Program

I've been quietly running an Advertiser Loyalty Program since mid January for folks who advertise with me at Entrecard. I originally introduced it at Ask Me Why... Work From Home with this post.

Within the past 24 hours, Entrecard has stepped up and completely changed the way advertising is "costed". Now, before you think the worst... let me say, I'm incredibly excited about the possibilities.

That is why I am now actively promoting my Advertiser's Loyalty Program.

In a nutshell, when you choose to advertise on one of my blogs, I open a tracking sheet. I also enter you into a drawing where I award 200 EC. I do the drawings based on how much I receive in "EC advertising revenue".

When you return and purchase repeat advertising, I refund 10% of your purchase cost after your ad has run.

Since January, I've received 3319 EC and have given away 800 in four separate drawings. I've also returned 210 EC to 51 different advertisers.

Social Networking Rocks has earned a permanent spot in my BlogRolls as a result of advertising 10 times.

Now, why am I so excited?

Well, first off, you determine the price of the ad by choosing whether or not you believe the ad value is a good deal. If you think it's over-priced, don't buy an ad. Wait for a day or two, and the price may go down.

Now, with the higher prices, there'll be more drawings. After all, I reserve 25% of the revenue I get for the drawing pool, and I do a drawing every time a accumulate 200 EC. The drawing is across all the advertisers from Day 1 (except for previous winning entries), so the more you advertise, the more chances you have to win.

Because I give you back 10% of your ad cost, your EC will still go 10% further with me than with other advertisers.

Now, the real biggie... Because the cost of advertising is no longer dependent upon card-dropping, I'll have more time to keep the blogs updated and work harder to get more traffic for you. All in all, that's a really good deal for all of us.

Now, here's a little link love...

The winners of the 200 EC drawings

Drawing #1 - Social Networking Rocks
Drawing #2 - Dream, Act, Plan, Believe
Drawing #3 - Dark Is Easy
Drawing #4 - Internet Business Guide for First Class Progress

It's your turn now. Simply click on any of the other four avatars to the right. You advertise with me, I'll work to promote my blogs so you get results, and I'll reward you for your loyalty... a win, win situation for sure.

Long time no post... got lots to say

I've been distracted by life... working on a business plan for an off line venture we hope to bid on within just a few months, and now into lambing... we have fledgling sheep station.

Add to that, I've been watching a number of things with Entrecard, and waiting for a major change in how business gets done there. That change has occurred overnight and looks to be very positive. I'll discuss my plan in detail in a future post.

Project Wonderful is still holding it's own. I earn a few cents a day, and am saving them for an ad campaign in May. One of my roomies is purchasing an online business and we'll be doing a re-launch over the summer. More details to follow on that, too.

BookWise is coming along nicely. Their programming has caught up sufficiently to once again talk about why you should be a BookWise Associate. It really does pay!

Watch for a few posts over the next week as I revamp schedules... still have two more ewe's to have their lambs, and that means late nights for us... but it's worth it. The lambs are just too cute!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Link Love from "Success Notes"

The second blog I hooked up with Entrecard is a very dedicated blog. I was really quite hesitant to put "outside" advertising on it as it is dedicated to a business I'm building.

I gotta say, it's been one of the best decisions I've made. By sharing just a small 125x125 square, I've attracted and met some of the nicest folks. Oh, and I even dared to put that little "ad" at the very top of my blog.

Have I recruited anyone? No, but then I don't recruit. If you want to join me in my business, I make it very easy for you. The blog is attached to my own web site which explains absolutely everything you need to know, before choosing to join my business.

So, on to the link love...

In keeping with the new tradition of providing free advertising for my "most frequent visitors", there are three recipients on the Success Notes blog. Each one visited my blog 26 times in the past 30 days. So, CK Marketing, Fantasy Baseball, and Turnip of Power will have their Entrecard Icons shown proudly on my blog for the next month.

Very close behind were Yimto Affiliate Marketing Blog, Computer Tech News, BookCalendar, Jean Costa, Ez DIY Electricity - Residential Electrical Wiring, Projects Made Easy,, and joanjoyce.

The site that sent me the most clicks was Article Specialist, with Turnip of Power very close behind.

Thanks to all of you!